Appeared In: All books from First King of Shannara onwards
Located: Paranor

About the Druids

The Druids were the wisest men and women of all races who lived at Paranor. Their goal was to work for the betterment of all people. They consisted of Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves, Trolls and a smattering of other races.

Men of learning who had guided the races from the chaos that followed the Great Wars.

Over time, however, they lost their purpose.


Typically wore black.[1]

Ard Rhys

Ard Rhys was the title held by the leader of the Druid Councils. The position was also known as the High Druid.

Featured Ard Rhys

First Council of the Druids

Formed around 1000 years after the Great Wars, when the races were first discovering each other and were fighting for dominance.

500 years before the First King of Shannara, Galaphile called together the First Council of the Druids at Paranor. It was a gathering of the wisest men and women of all races: those who had memories of the old world; those who retained a few tattered crumbling books; those whose learning survived the barbarism of a 1000 years. The council gathered in last desperate effort to bring the races out of their current savagery into a new and better civilisation. The Druids began the laborious task of assembling their combined knowledge to be employed for the greater good.

They gathered together the teachings of the Old World so that they might be used to help the New World. All of the learning, whether by book or by word of mouth, that had been preserved throughout the years was brought before the council so that they could try and unlock their secrets. One of the books uncovered in this time was the Ildatch by Brona.

Second Council of the Druids

Formed after the First War of the Races, this council abandoned the study of magic, and instead turned to the old sciences.

Third Council of the Druids

Formed by Grianne Ohmsford after her return from Parkasia, as commanded by Walker. It was formed from the people sent under duress by Kylen Elessedil, as insisted by Ahren Elessedil. Other people of different races also came, attracted by the prospect of exploring magic's uses. Originally there was fresh hope and everything seemed possible, however over time the lack of change in the thinking and attitude of the governing bodies of the races eroded that hope.

When founding the order, Grianne travelled to the Northlands to ask for the support of the Trolls. As no one had thought to do that in the past her request was cause enough for a convening of the Troll nations. At this gathering she told them of the Third Council and that it would accept all races, with no prejudices. Kermadec volunteered his own nation straight away to serve as her personal guard.

Fourth Council of the Druids

Led by Khyber Elessedil.[3]

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