Nest Freemark



Appeared In: Running with the Demon
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East
Mentioned In: Armageddon's Children
Race: Human
Family: Grand Father: Robert Roosevelt Freemark
Grand Mother: Evelyn Opal Freemark
Father: Unnamed Demon
Mother: Caitlin Anne Freemark
Son: Hawk
Adopted Daughter: Harper Scott
Lived: Hopewell

About Nest Freemark

Enlisted by Pick as his human partner in the care and upkeep of Sinnissippi Park's magic.


At 14[1] she was about 5' 8" and 120 pounds.[2]

Round face with a wide forehead and broad cheekbones, pug nose with a scattering of freckles, green eyes. Quirky smile. Passably attractive, but no stunner.[3]

She often wished she looked more like Brianna Brown. Curly dark hair. Tanned legs and narrow body. Lean and rangy, as tough as nails.

At 19 she stood 5' 10". Her honey coloured hair was still short and curly, but the freckles had almost disappeared. Smooth round face. Her body was lean and fit.


Born January 8th, 1983.[4]

When she was young she did not understand the difference between the Feeders and other Forest Creatures, which caused some issues for her when speaking to other children about them.

Was five when Wraith first appeared, and met Pick a year later.

Had been friends with Jared Scott since grade school.[5]

Strong runner and a natural athlete. When she was 13 she broke every cross-country record in Illinois for girls 14 or under. When she was 14 she competed in an 18 and under competition and in the 10,000 metre race she shattered the state high school record by nearly three minutes.[6]

Owned two pet cats, Mr Scratch and Miss Minx.

Had a crush on Jared Scott.

Nest had never been told about her father and was told that her mother had never said who he was, although due to her Grandmother's reactions when Nest raised the subject she suspected she did actually know something.[7]

Running with the Demon

One night Nest was woken by Pick who had found Bennett Scott at the mercy of the Feeders.[8] With Pick on her shoulders she ran through Sinnissippi Park towards the cliffs, which was the last place Pick had seen Bennett.[9] One of the Feeders was killed with a single chilling glance from Nest - her magic taking over the instant their eyes met.[10] She then took Bennett home and handed her over to Jared Scott at the door.[11]

Bennett was the seventh child she had rescued from the Feeders that month.[12]

A Knight of the Word

By 19 she had become the best middle distance runner ever to come from Illinois and one of the best in history. She had won several middle distance events at the previous spring's NCAA track and field championship. She had been accepted to Northwestern University on a full track and field scholarship: her grades were good but it was her athletic prowess that got her in. In her first year she had broken several college records and one world record.

Angel Fire East

Owned a pet cat, Hawkeye.

Armageddon's Children

Died July 29th, 2062.[13]

Nest's Magic

The Feeders would not attack Nest when Wraith was around[14], however they did know not to meet her gaze and what would happen if they did.[15]

Wielded her magic when in direct eye contact with her opponent, whether destroying Feeders or repelling human opponents such as Danny Abbott and Lori Adami.

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