Used In: The Wishsong of Shannara
The Scions of Shannara
Ilse Witch
Bloodfire Quest

About the Wishsong

The wishsong first manifested in Brin Ohmsford, and later in her brother, Jair Ohmsford. Brin had named it so: wish for it, sing for it, and it was yours. The wishsong manifested itself differently for Brin than it did Jair.

Brin's Wishsong

Brin could influence the behaviour of living things. Some things she did with as a child included: change the colour of a trees' leaves, soothe an angry dog, bring a wild bird to light on her wrist and could make herself part of any living thing or it a part of her. She had also caused a dog to chase its tail until it nearly dropped and caused an entire garden of vegetables to wilt.

When trying to make her aware of the full extent of her magic, Allanon had Brin cause two trees that were intertwined to separate. The power of her magic was so strong that one of the trees ended up destroying itself to obey her.

Jair's Wishsong

Jair's magic was only an illusion. When he used the magic things only seemed to happen.

The King of the Silver River gifted him a one time use of his magic to be real, rather than an illusion.

Featured Users of the Wishsong